The entire supply chain from one hand!

Neupert Ingredients GmbH is one of the most renowned suppliers in Germany for high-quality natural raw materials and food ingredients from all over the world. As a family-owned company based in the Hamburg area, we cover the entire supply chain: from global sourcing of raw materials, importing and supplying the European food industry, to filling for e-commerce or food retail.

Know-how since 1920

For decades, we have been importing raw materials for our customers in the food, feed, cosmetics and technical industries, which are then processed into renowned branded products in Germany and Europe. We manage the procurement risks and monitor the entire supply chain from origin to our warehouse in the Port of Hamburg.

We can only assume the great responsibility we bear for the quality of the supply processes and the products because we have maintained strong personal relationships with the producers for decades, regularly audit the production facilities and practice strict supplier management. As an IFS certified company, we naturally also pay attention to sustainability and compliance with social standards.

Ingredients for manufacturers, distributors, resellers and end consumers

Ingredients are often used in recipes only as a book part, some make up a large part in mixtures and more rarely they end up as a mono-product in the store. Therefore, bulk buyers from industry and processing, small traders and retailers alike benefit from our experience and broad product range.

While large brand manufacturers usually purchase individual raw materials from us on a contract basis, we also supply small traders and resellers with individual containers of various products from a wide product portfolio.

For this purpose, some of the goods we purchase are refined in our in-house blending and filling plant and filled into retail packages ranging from 500 g to 10 kg and labeled with one of our private labels. Our production facility in the Hamburg area is certified according to IFS Global Markets and organic board and operates according to the highest EU hygiene standards.

The best ingredients at one click!

We also serve the consumer segment with specialties and trend food products via e-commerce. With the online distribution of food raw materials, we are among the pioneers in the industry. Due to our good position in the procurement of the best raw materials in the origin, we can offer our products permanently at fair prices.

Product novelties, perennial favorites and basics for a conscious life with a sense for the protection of the environment and nature, sustainable agriculture and the use of raw materials from controlled organic cultivation can be found in our online store.